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The Benefits Of Ordering Custom Cakes Online in Varanasi-Cool Ice Cream & Bakery

We have everything to plan and the planning of bringing cakes is one of the popular topics. We need everyone’s opinion and choice when we order custom cakes online in Varanasi so that everyone could enjoy the best from their end. So, we are back again with some amazing ideas for cakes that will make your celebration more wonderful. Have you heard something about Custom Cakes? Yes, it is the customized cake that has some extra eye-catching look and a little more delicious flavors or icings.


Let’s introduce you to some of the best fantastic benefits of bringing Custom Cakes to your home:

  • A Custom Cake will make the occasion more special by the specialty of the cake which also makes the guests feel more comfortable.
  • It will help to add personality to the events and simply describe the purpose of the occasion.
  • You can order the best Custom Cakes from the Top Online Cake Deliveries i.e., Cool Bakery Parlour in Varanasi.

Order online and find the beautiful cake at your doorstep in just a few hours.


How amazing, if we can cut cake every day! But, it is not that simple, we always have to wait for a special day to celebrate the cake cutting ceremony and enjoy the event. No matter, the occasion, one should never forgets to bring a delicious cake on special days like birthday, anniversaries, opening ceremonies, Father’s day, Mother’s day, and every crazy event that is special for your life. Special Custom Cakes are the special ways to make a person feel special in your life. Before even we decided on the decoration, we have planned everything to bring a wonderful cake that matches the decoration and gives immense taste to the guests. It will involve the most demanded flavor, special filling, extra frosting, icing, and flowery decorations. The most common flavors are Chocolate, Red Velvet, Butter Scotch, Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Orange, and mixed fruit cakes, which are available at every bakery near you. But, on this page of Cool Bakery Parlour, you will be able to get the best Order Custom Cakes Online in Varanasi at your special demand.


If we are coming to the Custom Cakes, you surely think about any design or theme that we can be used while baking the cake. So, you are right. Custom Cakes are something that goes beyond the limitations of the normal cake. It will give the occasion a new look as it includes handmade designs which make it look more creative and amazing. The tired and customized cakes also come within the definition of Custom Cakes. Have you seen the beautiful Royal cakes at the wedding ceremony of many celebrates, these are also the best example of Custom Cakes,


So, visit our website to see the best custom cakes baked by us or give us beautiful ideas of new trendy designs, and we will put it in front of you to make your day more special. Meet one of the Best Online Cake Delivery Shops in Varanasi to find better varieties at every visit. We are all set up to make the Special Custom Cake for your special one according to your desire. Contact now.

Order Custom Cakes Online in Varanasi


Your cake describes your Party mood. So, if you are going to book the party cake online, then join us and get the best Online Cake Delivery in Varanasi. Your cake should be in the mood of describing the purpose of your event. It has well-matched with the decoration. Nowadays, people are expecting something extra when it comes to bringing the cake. So, if you also demand an amazing category of cake for your occasion, then you are in the right place.


Let’s watch the list of Birthday Cakes:

  • Happy Birthday Toddler Cake (which highlights the age of the child)
  • Happy Birthday Rainbow Cake for pretty girls.
  • Happy Birthday Teddy Cake for Teddy Lover
  • Disney Minnie Cake with count
  • Flute Cake
  • Gift Box Celebration Cake
  • Baby Shower Cake with Baby feet
  • Happy Birthday Spiderman Cake


Let’s watch the list of loving Anniversaries Cakes:

  • Full Chocolate Anniversaries Cake in round shape
  • Red Velvet Anniversaries Cake in heart shape
  • Pleasant Vanilla White Anniversaries Cake
  • Cake with Calendar Theme
  • Heart Shape Anniversaries Cake in blueberry flavor
  • Happy Anniversary Promising Cake
  • Pretty Flowers Cake
  • Regal Red Velvet Cake


Special Wedding Cakes:

  • Red Barbie Bride-to-be Cake
  • 2 Tier Wedding Cake – Flowers
  • Couple Wedding Cake
  • Red Hearts 2 Tier Engagement Cake
  • Forever Wedding Cake


This is only a gist of the celebration cakes, the whole film is on the website. Also, if you want to do something more, then we are inviting your ideas to implement in your special event.

Get ready to order your best theme cake now.

Order Custom Cakes Online in Varanasi


We all know that Cake brings joy to every occasion and celebration whether it is birthday, anniversary, promotion, success, fresher’s, farewell or any other special event. The uniqueness of cake makes every day special, so it is important to bring the cake according to the party style. We are the best Online Cake Delivery Shop who will helps you to create cherish moments at the Cake corner of the party. Undoubtedly, it makes every occasion more funful and joyable.

Calling guests to your parties will also give an idea about the theme of the party. Give them a reason to remember your party and unforgettable delicious cakes. We are expert in making personalized cake, theme cake, customized cake even for the corporate events. Make your party more meaning by bring a delicious cake in any flavour like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Butterscotch, Pineapple, Fruit cake, Red Velvet and many other flavours.

Order Custom Cakes Online in Varanasi


Apart from bringing cake to your occasion, we prefer you to give a personal touch. The best suggestion to impress someone is to gift something extra while bring a beautiful cake. Like a cake on birthday can simply defines the happiness which can be celebrated by bringing a number cake, theme cake, Barbie cake, cartoon cake in any delicious flavour. However, if you are planning to order a cake on Anniversary, then it simplifies the love, romance and a promise of living together. For wedding cakes, it’s a symbol of starting a beautiful life and welcoming a new person in your life. So, to give the personal touch, it is necessary to keeping in mind the theme of the cake. As the technology is evolving, the baking industry is also growing everyday. Same like that, we are all set-up to bake something extra for your and give you the best customized cakes for your every special occasions. Customized Cakes are literally the best options ever!

Order Custom Cakes Online in Varanasi


Generally, the cake baked by us are undoubtedly heathier, tastier and rememberable. It is chemical and stabilizers free and does not contain any kind of preservatives which makes you feel uncomfortable. It is fully baked with the love, creativity, deliciousness and healthier ingredients. We bake healthy cakes for you that is tasty and not harmful for anyone. Let us tell you some of our special demanded flavours:

Sugar-Free Pineapple Cake:

We can bake a sugar free cake for you which is however sweeter in taste, but does not effect your body anymore. As the name itself suggests, Pineapple denotes a sweet taste in every layer of the cake.

Healthy Red Velvet Cake:

If you want to spark some beautiful memories at your special event, then Healthy Red Velvet Cake is the best idea. It will engrave towards love and happiness towards the person who brought it.

Chocolate Cake:

One of the most trending and demanding flavours of all the seasons. It can also be baked in healthier ways which helps you to remove depression, anxiety, controls heart functioning, give energy, and good skin.

Eggless Vanilla Cake:

If you want to bring a royal and pleasant cake at your birthday party, then we are all set up to five you the best decent eggless Vanilla Cake at your custom order.

Strawberry Cake:

Strawberry is everyone’s favourite fruits and the cake made with it is amazing in taste. So, if you want to bring any delicious strawberry cake for you, then place your order custom cakes online in Varanasi. 

This is only a list of healthier cakes, you can also place order according to your wish. So, if you want to celebrate your occasion with bringing the best Custom Cakes, then you are at the absolutely right place. Just order it for your upcoming occasion and save the website for later use. With the help of this amazing website, you can now order the wonderful cakes. Browse through our website and find the perfect cake for the perfect occasion that makes your special day more memorable.

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