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The Most Amazing Cake Shop – CoolIceCream & Bakery

Hey! Did you know what is the most delicious and celebrating food item in the whole world?

 A party without it is just like a normal meeting? None other than, it is the most beautiful and tasty Cake. We think cake is not just for celebrations as it is for all life. How grand the event will be held but it also needs a delicious Cake for its opening ceremony. A birthday party doesn’t seem like a party if the cake is not brought. Another food item that is liked by people of all ages is Ice-Cream. Whether it comes to children or mature people, everyone is crazy about it. We don’t need to think much about its flavour, its every taste gives a feeling of happiness. The most Amazing cake shop – CoolIceCream & Bakery

To give you an incredible taste in every bite and another level of the baked meal, we are presenting our newly launched Bakery parlour to satisfy all your expectations and wants. In this parlour, you will get an amazing flavours collection of Ice-Cream and Cakes.


 If you are thinking about hygiene and safety for having cake from outside your home then we can assure you that the cake making process in our parlour is 100% safe and all the necessary measures have been taken to make your occasion special. We are giving special attention from our oven to your door. That means home delivery services are also available in our parlour.


Now, you only need to see, select, and order your choice of ice cream and cake and we will present it before you within minutes or hours depending upon your location. And, if you want to come to our bakery parlour, then you can get the pleasure of seeing a large variety of flavours and designs.


Oh! So, let us tell you that the flavours collection will let you think of buying everyone the most amazing cake shop CoolIceCream & Bakery. We are baking all your favourite flavours with the following characteristics:

Chocolate Flavour cakes are one of the most demanding especially during the birthday celebration of kids. We will also add choco chips, sauce, and fruit flavours on your demand to make it more beautiful.

the most amazing cake shop CoolIceCream & Bakery


Butterscotch Cakes are the most unique and amazing cakes when it comes to having dual pleasure. It will give you the taste of fresh butter and chocolate at one time.

Best Cake Shop in Varanasi

Strawberry Cakes are exactly for those who are a kind of romantic person. Like, it is mainly ordered for anniversary, Valentine, and celebrating some special memorable days of our lives. As like it,

the most amazing cake shop CoolIceCream & Bakery

Red Vanilla Cake is a symbol of love that gives the sweet pleasure of Red velvet. And, much other butter, fruits, and creamy cakes are also available at our flavours which cannot be described in words now.

Best Cake Shop in Varanasi

Taking away our eyes to Ice-Cream, how can we forget our summer favourite friend. Give a happy ending to your birthday, date, movie, dinner with a pleasant taste of Ice-Cream. Nothing could be a better idea to call your nearest ones for spending some time with Ice-Cream. For fulfilling your every demand and want, we are now with you with an infinity of flavour. We can bake cakes on your demand also. Every size is available with us for every celebration. 


Order now and visit our bakery parlour for more details. Home delivery is also available with all the safety precautions.


You can Order in different flavour now Anywhere in Varanasi call-9415228986


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