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Online Cake Delivery in Varanasi-Cool Ice Cream & Bakery


Are you prepared to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries even during tough times?

We know you are thinking it is difficult to make it memorable. But, don’t get panicked and upset when we are with you. Yes, your guess is right. The newly opened online cake delivery in Varanasi-Cool Ice Cream & Bakery can make your dreams happen successfully and happily. When this lockdown does not allow you to go outside from your home try online cake delivery in Varanasi, we are ready to come to your place so that you do not miss any occasion.

Online Cake Delivery in Varanasi

What makes us more special?

Ensuring the safest and timely delivery at your doorstep within a few hours. Why resist joining hands with us when we are giving all the safe online cake delivery in Varanasi and also the 100% pure veg cake. If you really want to try something unique and refreshing this week, come with us. Introducing you to the unique flavors.


If we are thinking about Birthdays, then Chocolates, Butterscotch, White Forest, Black Forest, and Strawberry cakes are most in-demand nowadays and these flavors are loved by everyone.

Best Cake Shop in Varanasi


Best Cake Shop in Varanasi


Best bakery in Varanasi

Red is the symbol of love. It gives immense pleasure to celebrate the events together. Give surprise to your loved ones and cut it together. Enjoy each moment with us. Along with Red Velvet Cake, Photo Cake, Black Forest Cake, Heart-Shaped Cake, Pineapple Cake, and Strawberry Cakes are the most ordered cakes from a few days ago.

Best bakery in Varanasi


Best bakery in Varanasi

Let us remember all the ingredients and qualities of the cake so that you can get ease while ordering it:


Have you ever heard of Choco Icebox cake: It is just like a Chocolate Cake but covered with icy choco chips and it every layer has filled with the special choco chips. Order it now for celebrating the birthdays of your special persons.


Remember we have talked about Strawberry Cake: As its name suggests, it urges a romantic place in our lives. So, why get confused, just order it to celebrate your anniversaries, especially monthly anniversaries. Find time to collect your lifetime memories.


None of us can forget about the Red Velvet Cake: Its recipe makes you fall in love with it. Its preparation is unique so that it brings a lot of romance and happiness to a couple’s life. It is made by using a tablespoon of cocoa powder and red-dyed cake with edible ingredients. You can order it in any size, shape, and anytime.


If we are talking about something healthy and tasty, then Banana Cake is one of the best options to choose fruit cake. It can be prepared with a mixture of vanilla, chocolate, or with a combination of other fruits on your demand. To add taste and nutritional value to your life, Banana cake can be the best decision.

Best Cake Shop in Varanasi


Best Cake Shop in Varanasi



In addition to all this, many other upcoming flavors are with us, which we can bake on our own. During this time, we are ready to give you the best Online Cake Delivery in Varanasi. The cakes are 100% pure veg. Tell us your favorite flavor and order it now. You can also contact us for more details.

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